Availability Settings

Through Link2Calendar → My Availability menu you are able to configure your available dates and times for visitors to schedule an appointment. You are also able to set blacklisted days whether on specific date or on recurring basis when you are not available, for example public holidays, lunchtime, etc.

This availability settings are used both for your Personal Calendar as well as Group Calendars (available in Team Edition).

Time Zone (Team Edition)
Your availability time zone. This option is available in Team Edition only. For Standard Edition, your time zone is the same as one set in Linktivity General Settings.

Available Days & Hours
The days of the week on which you will be available for a meeting, and the time range when you will be available each day. If your availability varies between days, uncheck Set the same hours each day to input the time range per day.

Earliest Availability
Determines how soon an appointment can be scheduled for. This option is useful to give more time for preparation and planning your next appointment. For example, if you set the earliest availability to 1 day, then visitors can only schedule an appointment from tomorrow onwards. Setting earliest availability to 1 week will allow the earliest appointment to be booked for next Monday. Enter 0 to allow making an appointment as early as possible.

Latest Availability
Please enter the maximum allowed number of months in the future that are available for scheduling. Any date past this time period will display you are being unavailable for a meeting. Enter 0 for no restrictions. This option helps protect users from people booking times with you so far in advance you cannot plan for events like holidays, family events, or other such activities. We understand not all users plan 12+ months ahead, so this feature allows you to set a window for how far in advance they can book.

Buffer Time
Buffer time (in minutes) prevents customers from booking an appointment immediately after you have another appointment. For clarity, a 15-minute buffer does not add to your default appointment duration of 30 minutes to divide your day up into 45-minute increments. The buffer feature simply prevents someone from booking a time with you immediately after another scheduled appointment is to end. This buffer feature allows users some time to prepare for their next meeting, and avoids them having to bring one bring meeting a hard stop in order to make their next one.

Alarm Time
This number states the amount of advance notice in minutes the alarm will provide before that appointment. It will be reflected in the ICS file sent to the user after booking an appointment with you, as well as the activity that is scheduled in your Act! calendar. Input 0 to disable.

Blacklisting Days

On this page you also have the options to blacklist days. Any days and time slots which match the rules set in the blacklist will be marked as unavailable.

Press [Add Entry] to add a new entry or [Edit Entry] to edit an existing one.

When adding or editing an entry, you will be presented with the following options.

Give a label to easily indentify what this blacklisted entry is for.

Determine how often the blacklist will repeat. Available options are "None" (only occur once within specified date/time range), "Daily" (repeat every day within specified time range), "Weekly" (repeat every week on selected days).

Days of Week
In case of "Weekly" repeat option, you could choose which days of week for this blacklist to occur.

Start Time
Specify the starting time to blacklist. In case of "None" repeat option, you will also be able to specify the starting date.

End Time
Specify the ending time to blacklist. In case of "None" repeat option, you will also be able to specify the ending date (inclusive).

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