Setup Guide for Standard Edition

Welcome to Link2Quotes Standard Edition! This setup guide will guide you through the minimal steps necessary in order to configure the product and create your first quotation. You can also access this setup guide anytime from Link2Quotes Help menu.

This setup guide applies to Link2Quotes Standard Edition. If you are using Team Edition, please refer to this guide instead.

Preliminary Setup: Act! Web API Settings

Before we start, please make sure that you have already configured Act! Web API connection settings. It can be found on Act! Web API Settings main menu.

Preliminary Setup: General Account Settings

Additionally, please review your account settings on General Settings main menu and make sure that you have filled in your contact information (Display Name, Position, Email) and select a correct Time Zone.

Optionally, you could also configure a custom SMTP server settings to use for delivering quotes to your customers by email.

1. General Settings

Go to Link2Quotes → Settings menu and complete all the required general settings for your account, specifically:

  • Create the quote number format (Prefix, Suffix, Minimum Digits)
  • Indicate which currencies you will support
  • Add the sales taxes you will support
  • Set a sales quota, if applicable

2. Setup Act! Field Mapping

Go to Link2Quotes → Settings → Act! Field Mapping menu to create the required fields in your Act! database. Be sure to add them to your Act! Opportunity layout after this process is completed.

3. Setup Follow-up Activities

Go to Link2Quotes → Settings → Follow-ups and indicate which events you would like follow-ups scheduled for.

4. Customize Layouts

Go to Link2Quotes → Settings → Layouts and edit the "Default Layout" by selecting [Edit] icon button. You may set the contact information to display on the document header, as well as some notes and terms for your quotes.

Press [Preview] on the top right of the page to see how your document template looks like when rendered online and printed.

You can also create more template designs in this page.

5. Customize Email Templates

Go to Link2Quotes → Settings → Emails menu and customize email templates for quote delivery and acceptance.

That's it! You can now return to Link2Quotes main menu and create and send your first quotation.

Please consult the Help menu anytime to bring up contextual help article for the page you are on. We hope you enjoy using Link2Quotes.

^^ Last revised: 2022.09.15

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