Editing Contact List

Editing Contact List

In this page you are able to configure some settings specifically for the email list you create. Give it a name (doesn't have to match the group name), and then select a contact group, using type ahead to filter and find the group you want (always start with a smaller group). You also have further options to configure as described below.

After saving the list, you will then be able to run the process from the list view.

List Name
Enter a name to easily indentify this email list.

Contact Group
Select a contact group which members' email will be processed.

Scan Mode
Change this setting to allow our service to always process all Contacts in the group even if their email status field contains data from previous scans. Note that this setting may increase your overall BriteVerify bill significantly if you have a large number of Contacts in the group.

We do strongly encourage users to consider scanning past records at least once a year to confirm they're valid and still in use. We've certainly seen a lot of emails become cancelled during the pandemic with layoffs, so we should never presume an email will be good forever (this is why Link2List is a subscription).

Verify Automatically
Select a schedule to run a verification on. So if you were to create a dynamic group of all new contacts in your database, Link2List can be configured to check that group regularly. Other than recurring scan, you could also schedule a one-off scan that will run automatically in the future. You can always run the process manualy anytime from the list view.

  • Once - Schedule a one-off scan in the future
  • Daily - Schedule daily scan at specified hour
  • Weekly - Schedule weekly scan at specified day of week and time
  • Monthly - Schedule monthly scan at specified day and time

Please note that the time you specify only indicates when your scan will be queued in Link2List unattended scanning service. Actual scan may start after the specified time depending on the size and number of scans being serviced by Link2List around that time.

Last revised: 2024.04.30

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