Setup Guide for Team Edition

Welcome to Link2Calendar Team Edition! This setup guide will guide you through the minimal steps necessary in order to configure the product for the first time. You can also access this setup guide anytime from Link2Calendar Help menu.

This setup guide applies to Link2Calendar Team Edition. If you are using Standard Edition, please refer to this guide instead.

Preliminary Setup: Act! Web API Settings

Before we start, please make sure that you have already configured Act! Web API connection settings. It can be found under Act! Web API Settings main menu. Check that you are configuring the settings for your organization account, as shown on the top right corner of the page.

Preliminary Setup: Workspace Settings

Additionally, please review your workspace settings in General Settings → Workspace Settings menu and click [Workspace settings] icon ahead of your workspace name. Make sure that you have selected a correct Time Zone. Please set up email credentials for outgoing emails, and, if desired, set up payment integration to collect fees for paid bookings.

1. Invite Team Members

Under Link2Calendar → Group Calendars menu, click [Manage Members] button to go to your organization page. Invite users who you want to include as representatives in your group calendar to join the organization. Then, grant those users access to Link2Calendar. Please note that your organization account must have sufficient number of subscription seats for all the users you grant Link2Calendar access.

2. Create a Group Calendar

Under Link2Calendar → Group Calendars menu, click [New] and fill in the details of your calendar, such as calendar name, introduction and closing text.

3. Configure Calendar Activities

Continue to the Appointment tab, select how you would slice each day into time slots. By default the day is divided in 30-minute increments (i.e. 9am, 9:30am, 10am and so on).

Edit the "General" activity and configure how long a meeting will take, representatives who people can book a time with through this calendar activity, what activity type you'd like to offer people to book with you (e.g. call, meeting etc.) and which fields do you require from the attendee to fill in when making a booking.

If you have different group of representatives for more specific activities, you could do so by adding more activities.

4. Configure Your Availability

If you assign yourself as one of the representatives, you will also need to configure your availability.

Under Link2Calendar → My Availability menu, configure your work days and hours, along with blacklist entries to block certain day or time period like daily lunches, holidays, etc.

As you can only modify your own availability settings, please ask each representative you added to the Group Calendar to also configure their own availability in order to let people book a time with them.

5. Preview and Share URL

Back to the Link2Calendar → Group Calendars menu, you can find [Preview] and [Copy URL] icon buttons to the left of the group calendar name which you could use to access and share your group calendar you have just created.

That's it! Customers can access this URL and be presented with a timetable when they could book on any given day of the week. When they select a time slot, they could choose from the representatives who are available at that time. The booking process is easy as they only have to enter some basic information, and that appointment is instantly set in that representative's Act! calendar. It's that easy.

Please consult the Help menu anytime to bring up contextual help article for the page you are on. We hope you enjoy using Link2Calendar.

^^ Last revised: 2024.6.13

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