Editing Event

The Editor page provides a complete customization options for the event.

Event Details

Event Name
The event name is carried forward from when you created the event. The name of the event is not changeable as a folder has already been created in Act! to segment the event participants, as well as the event itself in the Act! calendar. If you've made a mistake in the event name, it is advised to delete the event and start again (you must go back and delete the folder & activity in Act! manually).

Event Time
The date and time of the event.

Duration of the event in minutes. When you change this value, it will be immediately reflected in Act!

Organizer (Team Edition) Select a user as the primary contact person and organizer of the event. The selected user will be assigned to the "Scheduled For" field on the associated activity, and will be displayed as the contact person in email communications to participants.

Activity Type
Activity Type gets carried over from when you created the event, and should be consistent with all your events. This is useful when using Act!'s History List, as it allows you to view event activity by filtering by Activity Type and the "Regarding" field, which is the name of the event.

Days to Keep Submissions
This field strictly relates to the registrants contact details when they sign-up for your event. The event will remain in your account for as long as you choose to keep it, but for privacy purposes we purge the contact names & emails after 30-days. This can be shortened or lengthened as needed, with a maximum of 90 days.

Add contacts to activity Check this option to add contacts as participants to the linked activity on Act!. Due to a limit on the number of contacts that can be associated to an activity on Act!, this option should be enabled only for smaller events with expected participants of 100 or less.

Event Details
Event details is where you describe your event. Please note this section does not support special characters or formatting, so bolding, underlining, or italicizing will not work. If you attempt to add this formatting or include HTTP references with HTML code, you will get an error when you attempt to save your changes.

Event Photo
You could add a picture to be displayed on top of the event signup page. We recommend images that are landscape in portrait, PNG's with a transparent background, which width does not exceed 640px.

Upcoming Events
You could insert a link to your event calendar page, allowing participants to also see any upcoming events other than the one they are signing up for. Toggle the checkbox to set its visibility.

Confirmation Details

This section contains information which is only visible to participants who have signed up to the event.

Where the event will be hosted. In cases of online events, this will be where you put your GoToMeeting or Zoom "Join Event" link. This link will not be displayed on the event sign-up page or in the ICS file provided after sign-up, because it will only go to confirmed email address. Link2Events provides better visibility on expected attendance by limiting distribution of the event's "join link" to those with a confirmed email address. Accurately knowing your attendance allows you to plan your event resources and follow-ups better.

Document Link
The Document Link is disabled by default, and will not appear in any event details or emails unless it is checked. Same for the More information link beneath it. When enabled, the Document Link can be used for including a URL to a shared public file storage service like OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox. This is useful if the meeting will require the participants to have hand-out materials in advance they can download for the events. Link2Events does not support file uploads, but file download locations can be posted here, and be visible in the Event listing and the emails sent to those that register.

Information Link
Useful if you'd like to give participants the opportunity to learn more about product or service details from an external link you provide. This can be to your own website, product/service listing, or a third party resource. Like the document link above, it will appear in the Event listing and all email communications to registered participants.

Event Follow Up

Send Follow Up Email
The follow-up email is useful for sending your appreciation for them attending or registering for the event, as well as including a link where they can see any recordings if available. This follow-up is also useful to include your contact details, and even a survey from Link2Forms asking for the feedback. You can also include your calendar link from Link2Calendar prompting them to book a time with you to discuss the event or subject matter. The Linktivity online suite of products have been designed to reinforce each other, and this follow-up email is an example of the synergy they create.

Send Email After
Delay sending email for specified hours after the event time.

Follow Up Email Body
The content of your follow up email.

Drip Campaign (Team Edition)

In addition to reminder and follow-up emails, you could set up a series of drip campaign emails to be sent to all participants on specific days before or after the event.

Email contents to be sent can be first created through Drip Emails page, which then can be selected on the dropdown. Please choose an email and click [Add Entry] to add the email to campaign. Then, specify the day when it should be sent. A negative number indicates the day before event happens, while positive number for post-event. Set zero to send email on the same day as the event.

Each drip email should be assigned to a different day as there is only one email can be sent per day.

For more information, please refer to Drip Email Campaign.

Deleting Submissions

In this page you are also able to clear all recorded details of those that registered for the event, including their names & emails, by clicking [Delete Submissions] on the bottom toolbar. Please note that clearing submissions only removes submissions from Linktivity and doesn't remove recorded Activities in Act!.

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