Questionnaire and Pages

When editing a survey, you can open [Questionnaire] tab where you will see a list of pages and questionnaire items. If you just created a new survey, we have added Contact Details and Questions pages with a set of sample questions.

Clicking a page title will expand or collapse the page. Under each page you can find the structure of your questionnaire for that page, as well as triggers which will be discussed in the next section. Under each page you can also find buttons to add new page, question or trigger.

Editing Pages

To add a new page, expand an existing page and click [+ Page]. The new page will be inserted after the existing page, and the Properties window will open where you could change its page title.

Please use the [Grab Handle] to rearrange the page ordering.

Action Options

On each page header, you could find several action buttons to manage the page.

  • Click and drag to rearrange the page ordering
  • Edit page properties
  • Delete page and its contents
  • Preview this page (please save first to preview changes)

About Contact Details Page

In Link2Surveys, there is a special "Contact Details" page which cannot be deleted. In addition to have questionnaire items, this page can also contain fields which can be mapped to Act! Contact table. Answers to these mapped fields are used to lookup for an existing contact (marked with a star), and to populate contact data on Act!

Editing Questions / Page Elements

To add a new question, click [+ Question]. A new question will be inserted at the bottom of the page, and the Properties window will open where you could modify its properties.

Action Options

On the left hand of each question, you could find several action buttons to manage it.

  • Click and drag to rearrange the question
  • Edit question properties
  • Delete the question

Question Properties

When you click [Edit Question] or [+ Question], a side panel appears where you could modify its properties.

Indicates whether the question field is displayed on the form. Do NOT change this value after you have started to receive response as this will effect the accuracy of the reporting.

Determine the type of item to be rendered into the form, for example a section heading, spacer, or input field. There are different types of answer input type you could choose for this question. Question type is important as it speaks to both the format of the answer you're looking to support, as well as whether these responses will be included in your reporting. Drop down questions, numeric questions, Star Rating and Slider Ranking questions all can be included in reports. Free form questions like Single Line Text and Open Ended cannot be reported on as it's likely no two responses will be the same.

Field Type Inputable Description
Section Inserts a section heading.
Spacer Inserts a blank space.
Summary Display a summary of answered questions from all pages.
Text One line of free form text where the responses have no structured format and can include any combination of alphanumeric characters.
Open Ended Similar to Text, but support multiple lines of free form text.
Dropdown Drop Downs limit the answers to what you include in the dropdown options. Multi-select option can be enabled during the question configuration stage.
Multiple Choice A commonly used format where predefined answers are presented. You can require user to pick only one or allow multiple answers.
Checkbox Checkbox should be used for Yes/No questions generally. For example "Do you agree with this statement...", with checkbox indicating yes.
Number Numeric field, as the name implies, only supports numeric values. People responding can either enter a number or use the dial to select a number. We recommend setting the appropriate field length to support the number range expected.
Internal Internal field can be used to populate Act! Contact field with a static value for every submission. This field is hidden and thus cannot be modified by users.
Slider Slider ranking is another way of expressing the same kind of question, but it allows the respondent to select their ranking by sliding the indicator from left to right. We recommend using the question hint option to indicate which end of the scale means what. For instance "1 indicates I strongly agree, and 10 indicates I strongly agree".
Rating Scale Star rating is useful for questions that ask the respondents to grade their experience. For instance, "Rate your satisfaction with our service" where they can answer with set number of stars. This will be recorded as a number in the survey.
Internal (Static) Internal field that gets submitted without requiring user input. You can use this to pass data along with the form submission.
Internal (Variable) Similar to static internal field, however this can contain dynamic data such as IP address, referrer URL or hostname.

A unique identifier to identify this question. You could also use this alias as part of URL query string to pre-fill a form.

Question / Label
Enter the question text or label for this item.

Answer Hint
Useful for providing context for the answer. For instance, field hints for slider ratings can be used to explain whether a grade of "1" means strongly agree or strongly disagree.

Default Answer / Value
Default answer for the question.

Act! Field Mapping (Contact Details page only)
Map answer to Act! Contact table. Depending on Act! Field Update Instruction, answer to this question can be written directly to the mapped contact field.

Act! Field Update Instruction (Contact Details page only)
Condition when the submitted answer will be inputted to the mapped Act! contact field. This feature is useful to determine what happens when a matching contact is found in Act! database. Answer will always be included in the submission history regardless of this setting.

Option New Contact Existing Contact
New Contact Always Never
Empty Field Always Only if field on Act! is empty
Overwrite if Answered Always Only if an answer is given (existing field data will be overwritten)
Always overwrite Always Always (in case of blank answer, existing data will be cleared)

Input Required
This validation should be used for all questions you expect to use in reporting. Be sure to include "None of the above" if the answer options are not exhaustive. We do not recommend using "All of the above" as this will not support reporting properly.

Set as Key Field (Contact Details page only)
Indicates a field that will be used to lookup for existing contacts on Act!. For example, if an "Email" field is marked for lookup, Link2Surveys will check for any contacts which matches the email address filled in by the submitter. If a matching contact is found, their form submission will be inserted as History entry linked to this contact. Otherwise a new contact will be created on Act!.

Max Length
This field allows you to limit the maximum number of characters allowed for free form text fields.

For drop down field type, you can easily type in all possible answers here, one item per line.

Input Range
For numeric and sliding scale inputs, you can adjust the minimum and maximum range of input value.

Column Span
Set the width of the question. For example, if you would like to have a two-column layout, set the Column Span to 50%. This setting only works with large display such as a desktop computer. On mobile device your questionnaire automatically adjust into single column layout.

Pre-filled Answers

You could build a custom link where some answers are already pre-filled with something other than the default answers. This is useful for example if you want to ask a prospect to fill in your survey with their contact details already pre-filled so they don't have to fill them in again.

To build such link, first copy your survey URL, and append a question mark at the end of it:

Then, check for the alias name of a question you want to pre-fill, and assign an answer to that alias. Append this assignment at the end of the URL. Concatenate each assignment with a & sign. For example, to pre-fill the Full Name with "John Doe" and Email with "[email protected]":

Answers should be URL-encoded so they can be properly recognized by Link2Surveys and programs such as email client doesn't break your full URL when you share it.

Editing Triggers

Trigger is a Link2Surveys feature that allows you to program the page flow. So, rather than having users input each page sequentially from page 1, 2, 3, and so on, you could jump, skip, or prevent them from advancing a page depending certain conditions.

To add a new trigger, click [+ Trigger]. A new trigger will be inserted at the bottom of the page, and the Properties window will open where you could modify its properties.

If you have multiple triggers, please pay attention to the sequence of triggers. If a condition for a trigger is met, the action is executed and it will stop processing the rest of triggers (you can change this behavior in the properties).

Trigger Properties

Conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to execute an action.

Select an action to execute.

Stop processing further if conditions are met
If this option is checked and the conditions are met, the rest of triggers will not be processed. Otherwise it will continue processing the remaining triggers and, any fulfilled trigger of the same action will override the previous action.

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