Editing a Quote

From the Quote List View, you could edit any existing quote by clicking [Edit] action icon where you will be directed to the quote editor page. This help page will explain how you could modify your quote and all the available features within the quote editor.

Editing Quote Details

On the quote editor you will be able to modify your quote details. Some of the fields are directly retrieved from Act! opportunity, and modifying these fields will cause the Act! opportunity data to be updated accordingly. A few of the fields, however, are specific to Link2Quotes and only used to generate and send the quote. These fields are not synchronized to Act!.

For more details on which fields are synchronized to Act! and which are not, please see the following table.

Field Sync to Act! Description
Access Status - When published, allow viewing of the quote in Linktivity via public quote URL. A quote with "Closed - Lost" or "Inactive" status is always unpublished regardless of the access status.
Quote Name - Name to identify this quote
Quote Number Yes Quote number
Quote Status Yes Status of the quotation. This status binds to Status field of the linked opportunity.
Layout - Document layout to use for the quote
Sales Person - If you are on Team Edition, you will be able to designate a user as the sales person. Please make sure that the sales person has their Act! login credentials configured in Linktivity as the sales person's Act! credentials are used to connect to Act! when a customer is viewing this quote.
Bill To - Contact details to use for billing address and recipient email
Ship To - Contact details to use for shipping address, if unset the shipping address is not displayed on the quote.
Date Issued - Date the quote is issued
Valid Until Yes Validity of the quote, binds to Estimated Close Date on Act!
Currency Yes Currency code to use for monetary values in this quote
Applicable Taxes - Applicable taxes for this quote. Tax rates can also be overriden by pressing the [::::{.fa-solid} Edit Tax Rates] icon button.
Shipping Fee Yes Shipping fee for the product/services listed in this quote
Required Deposit Yes Required deposit in percentage of total value
Deposit Due Within - Deposit due days relative to the date when the quote is accepted. Assign "0" days to make the deposit due immediately upon acceptance.

Adding and Editing Products

Below the quote information you can also find a table of products or services listed on this quote. All the fields edited in this page are synchronized back to Act! and vice versa.

It is also possible to add new line item to the table by pressing [Add Product] button. Once saved, products added here are also inserted into the linked Opportunity.

Column Sync to Act! Description
Name Yes Product name
Quantity Yes Quantity of product. A checkbox to the left of the quantity indicates that this item is marked as optional.
Price Yes Unit price of the product. Adjusted price is automatically calculated when price is changed.
Adjusted Price Yes Adjusted price after discount. Discount percentage is automatically calculated when adjusted price is changed.
Discount Yes Discount applied to the product in percentage. Adjusted price is automatically calculated when discount is changed.
Subtotal - Subtotal of adjusted product price, without tax
Taxes - Whether to apply selected tax rates to this product. When checked, applied tax amount will be added to the total tax under the summary rows

Product Details

When editing a product, you could click [Edit Details] icon button to further edit its details.

Field Sync to Act! Description
Details - Additional details regarding the product to be displayed on the quote.
Product Link - Insert external link for the product.
Item Number Yes SKU or item number of the product
Cost Yes Product cost for internal use within Act
Option Group - If specified, customer can only select one of products with the same option group.
Mark this item as optional - Allows customer to include or exclude the product when accepting the quote.
Mark this item as selected - The product will be marked as selected and included towards quote totals.

Save to Product DB Under Team Edition, you could press this button to save product details to the product database which you can use when looking up for saved products. If a product with the same name already exists, the product will be overwritten.

Looking up and populating product data

When adding new products to the table, you could also do a lookup by typing a search term in the Product Name field and pressing the [Dropdown] button to open the dropdown which lists all products that match the name you entered in the field.

Selecting a product from the list will automatically populate the name and pricing fields of the product. If the Discount field contains a value, this discount amount will be used to calculate Adjusted Price value. Please note that any previous values inputted in the product line item will be overwritten.

Special Line Items

In addition to regular product item, you could also insert line items with special functions.

Upcharge This line allows you to add a product with dynamic pricing based on the percentage value of the line above it. Upcharge line item can be used in conjunction with a regular product or running subtotal. The calculated price will be saved back to Opportunity on Act! when a customer accepts the quote.

Please note that when you have an upcharge to a running subtotal, and applied tax to the upcharge, the tax is calculated from the upcharge value.

Running Subtotal A running subtotal calculates the total of all products above this line. This is useful if you want to subtotal a group of line items and add a percentage upcharge to them, for example.

If you insert a second running subtotal line or more, the subtotal value is added from items between two running subtotal lines.

Text Inserts an arbitrary text in between product lines.

Image Inserts a banner image in between product lines.

On Team Edition you could also choose or upload image from image database rather than external URL. Additional image parameters such as link, size, alignment can be adjusted on the Details popup.

Image sizes are defined in pica unit, which is equivalent to ⅙ inch when printed. The default template has US Letter (8.5x11 inch = 51x66 pica) paper size with 0.5 inch margin on each sides (3 pica).

Video Embeds a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Separator If you have a longer list of products, you may also split products into sections by inserting separator in between items. A separator can also be used as section heading by filling in a label.

Rearranging Product Items

On the left hand of each product item, you can grab and drag the [Move] handle to rearrange items in the list. The ordering of product items may affect price calculation of special line items such as Running Subtotal and Upcharge lines. The ordering of product items does not change how the products are sorted in the linked Act! Opportunity.

Marking Products as Optional

It is possible to mark certain products as optional. By default, all products are included and accounted in the quote totals, however this feature allows your customers to exclude optional products from their quote. When a customer accepts a quote, the quantity of excluded products are changed to zero in the linked Opportunity.

To mark a product as optional, press [Edit Details] icon button besides the product name, and check Mark this product as optional option. Optional products have the quantity cell displayed in green color to indicate this.

Creating Reusable Quotes

There are two possible methods to reuse an existing quote content for creating a new quote.

Copying Quote

To make a one-off copy of a quote, you could click [More Actions] → [Copy to New Quote] from this page. Input a name for the new quote and click [Create] to complete. Please make sure to save your quote beforehand if you have made changes to the quote.

Once your new quote is copied, you will be redirected to the editor page of the newly created quote.

Saving Quote as a Template

If you have quotations that have the same content over and over again, you could create a reusable quote. From this page, press the [Save to Template] button to save the current quote content as a reusable template. Please make sure to save your quote beforehand if you have made changes to the quote.

Once the quote template is created, you will be redirected to Quote Template list where you will be able to create a new quote or manage previously saved quote templates.

Uploading Quote PDF to History

You could upload the quotation document to Act! History in the associated Opportunity by pressing the [Save to History] button. If you make any changes to the quote, please make sure to save the quote before uploading so that the latest version of the quote are being uploaded.

Editing Associated Opportunity

You can modify basic details of the linked Opportunity without having to open Act! software by selecting the [Opportunity Details] tab, including Opportunity Name, Status, Probability, Stage, Open and Close Dates, etc.

The following fields are linked to corresponding quote fields:

Opportunity Field Quote Field
Status Quote Status
Estimated Close Date Valid Until

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