Managing Forms

Welcome to Link2Forms, an online form or lead capture tool that submits directly to your Act! database via the Web API. Form submissions are inserted as History linked to a Contact that matches their contact details, or automatically created a new Contact if one does not exist.

First Time Setup Guide
Our setup guide can help you go through the necessary steps to configure and create your first form. Read more...

Form List View

The first screen you see when you go to Link2Forms from Linktivity main menu is the Form List View. On this page you will see a list of forms you have created, their status and action options represented by icons. Enabled status indicates that the form is accepting new submissions.

Action Options

On the left of each form entry you will see a set of clickable icons to perform actions to the corresponding form.

  • View the form in a new browser tab.
  • Displays all submissions and reports in a list of formats including different KPIs and charts. These results can be filtered by date and sorted by columns as needed. All results can be printed or exported to various formats like PDF, CSV, Excel, Word and others.
  • Allows you to edit your form or survey.

Copy Link
Copies the form link to the clipboard, which allows you to paste it elsewhere to share the link.

Duplicate Form
Allows you to create a new form using the same field mapping and questions as the one in question, but a new form name and URL will be created. This is useful for cases where it would take less time to edit a similar form than create a new one. This would be more common with forms than surveys, where the same contact fields would be requested, but for different purposes.

Delete Form
Allows you to delete the form. Please note that this action is irreversible.

Creating a New Form

To create a new form, press the [New] button, provide a name for the form and press [Create Form] button to process.

As a form is created, Linktivity will also create a group on your Act! database where every contact who submits this form get automatically added into the group. This is useful for follow up and automatic marketing.

It is possible not to create and link a group by unchecking the [Create and link a group to this form] option.

Creating a form for the first time may take a while. Once it finishes you will be redirected to the form editing page where you could further customize the form.

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