Sending a Quote

You could send quotes to your prospective customer by email directly within Link2Quotes. To send a quote, first go to Quote List View, select a quote you'd like to send from the list and click [More Actions] → [Send Quote]. An email composer screen will show up.

Composing Email for Quote Delivery

The email composer automatically load its content from the email template you configured in the Settings → Emails page, with all placeholder tags replaced with actual values from the quote.

The email will contain a link to view and accept the quote online, as well as a copy of the quote attached in PDF format.

Specify the recipient email address to send the quote to. Multiple email addresses can be separated by comma.

Specify email address to have the quote copied to. Multiple email addresses can be separated by comma.

Email Template (Team Edition)
With a Team Edition, this dropdown allows you to load predefined email templates other than the default one.

Email subject

Email body

Attach quote PDF in email
Include quote file in PDF format as an email attachment. You could turn this off and have customers access the online version of the quote from the provided link instead.

Email Attachments (Team Edition)

In Team Edition, you could attach additional files when sending out an email.

Select Add Attachment → Upload from Computer to add attachment files from your computer. The file will be attached directly to your email and not stored in the server.

Alternatively, you could also select Add Attachment → Select Online Document to attach files you have previously uploaded to Link2Quotes (under Documents menu).

We recommend not to attach files more than 4 MB in total to ensure emails are successfully sent and not accidentally flagged as spam. If you need to send large files, we recommend uploading them to an online file storage provider and paste in the link within your email body, or insert it as an attachment line item in the quote itself.

Upload copy of all attachments to Act!
If this option is checked, a copy of all attachments will be uploaded to Act! in addition to being sent by email. The uploaded files can be found under Act! History tab of the associated opportunity. Your quote PDF file will always be uploaded to Act! History regardless of this option.

^^ Last revised: 2022.09.16

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