Editing Group Calendar

When you create or edit a group calendar, through the editor page you are able to configure the general aspects of your calendar, define list of activities or services you provide for people to book, as well as previewing and obtaining the unique calendar URL.

Your Calendar URL
On top of the page you will find the unique URL that you can share to others to access the online booking page. If you are creating a new page, please save the calendar first to generate the URL.

General Tab

This tab contains general settings for your calendar page as well as your calendar link to share with others.

Determine whether to publish your calendar. If disabled, your calendar URL will not be accessible for booking.

Calendar Name
Please give a name to easily identify this group calendar.

Custom URL
You can customize your calendar URL by entering a short identifier here which will generate a unique URL which is easy to read and remember. You could click the [Validate] button to check if the specified indentifier is not yet taken.

Header Logo
Select a logo to be displayed on the header of the online appointment booking page.

Introductory Text
You can replace the default introductory text which is displayed on top of your booking page.

Closing Text
The Closing text will be displayed in the answer page after someone books an event with you. This memo field does not support special formatting or HTML code.

Default Calendar Display
Link2Calendar provides both daily and weekly display of your availability. This option allows you to choose which display to use by default when the page is opened.

Show Welcome Dialog If enabled, a welcome dialog containing a short instruction and calendar's timezone will be displayed when viewing the calendar page.

Appointment Tab

This tab allows you to configure settings related to the details of appointments.

Time Slot Your daily calendar is divided into "slots", each with the specified duration in minutes (30-minutes is recommended). For example, if the slot is set to 30 minutes, a visitor will be able to choose to book at 9am, 9:30am, 10am, and so on.

Align Slot Time To When specified, this will be used to align when your first slot starts. If not specified, your slot will align to the start time of your first available day in the week.

Location is useful for the ICS file, when created in Outlook which often requires a location, and might fail to save the appointment without one.

Required Fields
Choose among the available sign-up fields which you require to be filled in when people request a booking.

You must define at least one activity for the calendar to effectively function and allow people to book online. To add an activity, click [Add Activity] button.

Editing Activities

The following section describes all available fields when you create or edit an activity.

Determine whether to enable booking this activity.

Activity name, this can be a name of service that you provide for visitors to choose from. For example, a pet grooming shop may have activities such as "Nail Trimming", "Oral Care", and "Spa Package".

Meeting Duration
Meeting duration is self evident, but should reflect the standard phone call or service duration (30-minutes/1-slot is recommended). If you select more than one slot, it may limit the number of bookable slots available in a day for a visitor to choose from, and imply to them you're committing to that time duration. For instance, it may be onerous to commit to a 60-minute call with everyone that books an appointment with you, and impractical when you consider it will limit others from booking times with you in the same day.

Extended Meeting
If checked, this will allow visitors to book up multiple consecutive time blocks up to the specified value. For example, if your time slot is 30 minutes and you select 90 minutes extended duration, a visitor will be able to book a 30, 60, or 90-minute appointment time.

List all Link2Calendar users who are available to handle this activity. It is possible that certain activities need to be handled by specialists. In such case you could create multiple activities and assign different representatives to each.

Activity Types
List of activity types people can choose from when booking for a time. The selected activity type will be reflected to Act! when a booking is created.

Priority Select priority to assign when appointment is created on your Act! Calendar. You could also tick "Allow setting priority while booking" to allow visitor to modify this priority when booking.

Form Fields
Use this options if you require visitors to fill in additional subject line or details when making an appointment.

Eligible Contact Group
Limit booking only for contacts found in this group (based on email lookup).

Appointment Fee
Fee to charge for the appointment. This option is useful when providing online booking for paid consultancy services or other appointment-based services. When specified, the fee will be displayed during booking process.

Multiply fee for extended meeting
If checked, the fee will be multiplied when booking an extended meeting. For example, if your default meeting duration is 60 minutes for $100 and you allow booking an extended meeting duration, a 90 minute meeting fee becomes $150.

Online Deposit
If online payment is enabled, you can configure the upfront deposit required to book. They must make a payment online (processed via PayPal) in order to complete the booking process.

Suppress fee for eligible contacts and allow others not in the group to book for a fee
If this option is checked, all contacts will be allowed to make a booking regardless of their presence in the Eligible Contact Group, however the Appointment Fee will apply only to contacts not found in the group. In other words, eligible contacts will not be required to pay any fee or online deposit.

Profiles Tab

On this tab you could add and configure profile information for representatives you assigned to the calendar. The information you include will be displayed to visitors when they are selecting a representative to book a time with.

While users' title is derived from their user profile settings, you could override the title specifically for the calendar here.

You could add a short description regarding the person.

Displayed Fields
Check which information you would like to display publicly.

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