Configuring Drips

After creating email contents through Link2Forms → Emails menu, you can click [Manage Form Drips] icon button to configure when this drip email is being sent.

Important Note
If a person submits the same form at a later time, the drip campaign will restart and any previous running campagin for this person will be dropped. Additionally, to prevent drip emails being flagged as spam,

a maximum of two drip emails per day will be sent when someone is added in multiple drip campaigns.

Other drip campaigns scheduled for the day will be either postponed to the following day or suppressed.

Assigning Drip Email to Form

On the Manage Form Drips popup window, select a form from the dropdown list which you want to assign this email to, then click [Add Entry]. This will add the form into the drips table.

Then, specify a number under the Day column to determine when this email will be sent when someone submits a form. For example, set this to "1" if you want to send this email the next day. Setting this to "0" will cause the email to be sent rightaway as someone submits a form.

If you no longer want to assign this drip email to a particular form, click [Remove] to remove it.

Writing an Autoresponse Email (i.e. Thank You Message)

By default, when someone submits a form, only you will receive a notification email. As you may have noticed from the above settings, you could also use this feature to improve communication experience by writing a thank you email.

Simply assign this drip email to a form and set the Day value to "0" to send the email rightaway.

^^ Last revised: 2022.11.10

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