Using BriteVerify to Validate Emails

Aside from Built-in Validator, you could also use a third party email validation provider to scan your Act! contacts. Currently the only alternative provider available in Link2List is BriteVerify.

You don't need to setup BriteVerify to scan your list. Link2List provides built-in validator which you could use out of box.

Please follow the following steps to configure BriteVerify API to be used in Link2List.

  1. Go to Settings page.
  2. Under "Verification Type", make sure that "BriteVerify" is selected.
  3. Paste in BriteVerify Server-side API key in the available input field. To obtain this key from your BriteVerify account, please follow "Authorization" steps found in this article. Make sure to select the Server-side when generating a key.
  4. Save the settings page.

Now when you run a scan, the validations will be performed by BriteVerify. Scanning will not consume Link2List scan blocks however BriteVerify may charge you additional cost for scanning your list. Please consult their pricing for details.

Last revised: 2024.04.30

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