Email Templates

You are able to manage and prepare different email contents which you could use when sending out emails through Link2Quotes. There are several occasions when these email contents are used for:

  • Quote Delivery
  • Quote Acceptance
  • Quote Reminder

To manage your email contents, go to Link2Quotes → Settings → Emails menu.

With Standard Edition, you are limited to one content per category, while in Team Edition you may have multiple email contents for each category.

The following guide in this article are designated for Team Edition only.

Managing Email Contents (Team Edition)

You could configure which email content to use as default for different occasions under General setting tab which apply to the entire account, or under Personalization tab which apply only to quotes which you are designated as Sales Person.

Action Options

On the left of each email content entry you will see a set of clickable icons to perform actions to the corresponding email.

  • Allows you to edit your email content.
  • Allows you to duplicate an existing email content.
  • Allows you to delete the email content. Any configuration options set to use this email content will be cleared.

Creating/Editing a New Email Content (Team Edition)

To create a new email content, press [New]. Fill in available details, then press [Save & Close] to finish.

To edit existing email content, press [Edit] icon on the list item.

Provide a unique name to easily identify this email content.

Subject line for the email.

Email content.

Placeholder Tags

When composing an email, both the Subject and Body fields allow you to insert placeholder tags, which are replaced with actual data from a quote when the email is sent.

Tag Description
[QUOTENAME] Quote name
[QUOTENUMBER] Quote number
[QUOTELINK] Public URL to the online quote.
[QUOTEDATE] Date the quote is issued.
[EXPIRYDATE] Quote expiration date. This date is the same as linked opportunity's estimated close date.
[SUBTOTAL] Product total
[TOTAL] Product total including tax and shipping costs
[DEPOSITRATE] Percentage required deposit.
[BILLINGNAME] Billing contact name
[BILLINGSALUTATION] Billing contact salutation
[SHIPPINGNAME] Contact name on the shipping address
[SHIPPINGSALUTATION] Contact salutation on the shipping address
[DISPLAYNAME] Your display name.
[JOBTITLE] Your position/title.

Deleting an Email Content (Team Edition)

To delete an existing email content, press [Edit] on the entry and an edit dialog will appear. Then press [Delete] button on the bottom right corner to delete it.

Please note that when you delete an email content, any email settings which were previously assigned to this will be reset to default.

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