Managing Lists

Before you start, please make sure that you have configured your email validation provider and selected a contact field in your Act! to store scan results to. Please press [Settings] button to do so.

First Time Setup Guide
Our setup guide can help you go through the necessary steps to configure and scan your contact email addresses. Read more...

Creating Email List and Scanning Emails

To create a new list, press [New Email List] button on the top toolbar.

Give it a name (doesn't have to match the group name), and then select the group, using type ahead to filter and find the group you want (always start with a smaller group). You will also be given options to further customize the settings.

Once you save the list, return to this page and press the Run Process icon on the left hand of the list name you have created.

You will be directed to the processing page. The page prompts you one more time due to cost implication that would occur once the process has started.

As it's processing, you can see the results. Most will display skipping, unless your dynamic group filters out contacts with data in the email status field. It will tell you when the process is done. The nice thing is at this point the Master database is updated for all users to enjoy immediately, or immediately after a sync.

In case the process is interrupted, you could always return to this page and click the [Start] button again to continue from where it was left.

Action Options

On this page, on the left of each entry you will see a set of clickable icons to perform actions to the corresponding email list.

Run Process
Run the verification process for this list.

Edit List
Allows you to edit your list settings.

Download Log
Download last scan log.

Delete List
Allows you to delete the list.

Table columns

Column Description
List Name List name you have created
Auto Scan Indicates whether you have automatic scan configured
Last Run Timestamp the last scan was performed
Scanned Number of contacts scanned
Valid Number of contacts with valid email
Accept All Number of contacts whose email domains are configured to accept all emails, even if these addresses don't actually exist. Also known as "catch-all email"
Skipped Number of skipped contacts (their result field already contains a value, and you configured the list not to re-validate such contacts)

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