Managing Quotes

Welcome to Link2Quotes, an opportunity to online quoting tool straight from your Act! database. When you send a quote, customers can view and accept the quote online. You could see in the linked Opportunity History whenever your customer has viewed the online quote, or accepted it.

First Time Setup Guide
Our setup guide can help you go through the necessary steps to configure and create your first quotation. Read more...

Quote List View

The first screen you see when you go to Link2Quotes from Linktivity main menu is the Quote List View. This help page will explain all available features you can find in the quote list view.

Action Options

On the left of each quote entry you will see a set of clickable icons to perform actions to the corresponding quote.

  • View the quote in a new browser tab.
  • Send quote file and online link by email.
  • Allows you to edit your quote details.

Copy Link
Copies the quote link to the clipboard, which allows you to paste it elsewhere to share the link.

Download PDF
Download the quote in PDF format.

Accept Quote
Accept an open quote by proxy.

Disable Quote
Disables an open quote and sets its status to either Closed - Lost or Inactive.

Reopen Quote
When a quote is closed or disabled, this action allows you to reopen a quote.

Delete Quote
Allows you to delete the quote. Please note that this action is irreversible.


On the toolbar you can filter the list by quote date range as well as status. Click [Apply Filter] to apply selected filters.

Min/Max Validity
Filter by quote validity date range.

Quote Status
Filter by quote status. The quote status maps to the linked opportunity status.

  • Open - Open and valid quotes
  • Expired - Open quotes which have past their validity date
  • Closed - Won - Accepted quotes
  • Closed - Lost - Maps to "Closed - Lost" status in the linked opportunity
  • Inactive - Maps to "Inactive" status in the linked opportunity

Sales Person (Team Edition)
Filter by sales person.

Search for quote name or number.

Tracking Monthly Sales Quota

If you enable sales quota tracking (available through the Settings page), you will see a progress bar on top of the page which shows the total value (subtotal without tax) of all accepted quotes for the current month.

A highlighted bar represents the total sales of accepted quotes, while the greyed out space represents the remaining quota. A vertical line on the progress bar represents the total sales of accepted quotes from the previous month.

You can also click the progress bar to show more details about the numbers. The numbers are calculated periodically and may not reflect the actual total if you have recently accepted quotes.

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