Product Database

Product Database is a feature available in Team Edition where you could maintain an alternative list of products in Link2Quotes so that you could quickly populate product details when preparing a quote simply by picking a saved product from the database.

Compared to using product picklist from Act! database, Link2Quotes Product Database allows you to define further details in addition to name and prices.

Enabling Product Database

By default the quote editor page uses Act! Database for product lookup. In order to use this product database, please go to Link2Quotes Settings and change Product Lookup option to "Use Link2Quotes Product Database".

Managing Products

To manage products, go to Link2Quotes → Products menu. In this page you are able to define a list of products which you can easily insert into quotes.

Creating New Product

To create a product, press [New] and fill in the details. After everything is filled in, press [Save & Close] to save the product.

Please see "Editing Product" section below for details on each field.

Editing Product

To edit an existing product, press [Edit] button on the left side of the product entry.

You could choose between a regular product, or an upcharge line item. When creating a quote, this product will appear in the dropdown list of corresponding line item type.

Product name.

Additional details regarding the product.

Product Link
You could insert a link to open a web page when the product name is clicked in the quote.

Item #
Item number of the product.

Product cost. This field maps to product cost in the opportunity and not shown to customers.

Selling price.

Product discount in percentage.

Adjusted Price
Price after discount.

For Upcharge type, indicates the percentage upcharge based on previous line item above it when inserted into a quote.

Mark this item as optional
Make product optional and can be deselected by customer when accepting a quote.

Deleting a Product

To delete a product from the database, press [Delete Product] icon on the left side of the product.

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