Setup Guide

Welcome to Link2List! This setup guide will guide you through the minimal steps necessary in order to configure the product and begin scanning your contact email addresses for the first time. You can also access this setup guide anytime from Link2List Help menu.

Preliminary Setup: Act! Web API Settings

Before we start, please make sure that you have already configured Act! Web API connection settings. It can be found under Act! Web API Settings main menu.

1. Setup Act! Contact Field

Under Link2List → Settings menu, please complete the following setup:

Select Act! Field to Record Status to. This contact field will be updated with the result when scanning for its email address. If you don't have one, you can press [Create Field] button to create a new field named "Email Address Status" in the database.

2. Select Email Validation Provider (Optional)

By default Link2List will use Built-in Email Validator which consumes scan block when scanning your contacts. You could see the balance under "Scans Available" in the settings page.

If you wish to use BriteVerify instead of Built-in Validator, please see Using BriteVerify to Validate Emails.

3. Create Email List

You can now return to the main Link2List screen, and press the Create button. Fill in List Name and select a Contact Group you'd like to scan for their email addresses. Finish by pressing the Create List button.

That's it! You can now press the [Run Process] icon button to begin scanning validity of email address found in the specified contact group.

Best Practices

Each verification on a contact incurs a cost from your scan block balance (or a cost charged by BriteVerify in case you use BriteVerify API, it also imposes a daily limit on spending). Therefore if you have a large list of contacts, you could follow some recommendations below:

  • Make sure that you have enough verifications purchased prior to running a list.
  • Remove duplicate contacts having the same email addresses.

Please consult the Help menu anytime to bring up contextual help article for the page you are on. We hope you enjoy using Link2List.

Last revised: 2024.04.30

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