Creating a Quote

In Link2Quotes, every quote is linked to an Opportunity in Act! with its products and details written directly to the opportunity.

To create a new quote, first go to Quote List View and click [New] button on the toolbar. It will direct you to the Quote Creation Page.

Fill in a name or subject for the new quote in the Quote Name field, and then select how you would like to create a new quote.

There are several ways to create a new quote:

  • Create from scratch - Create a blank quote with a new opportunity.
  • Use existing opportunity - Create a quote based on existing opportunity and link the quote to that opportunity. We recommend creating quote only from an opportunity which has never been linked to a quote, as associating an opportunity to more than one quote may cause undesired results.
  • Create from template - Create a new quote with details pre-populated based on previously saved quote template. A new opportunity will be created and associated to the newly created quote.

Once you have selected a name and opportunity option, click [Create Quote] to continue. In the next screen you will be able to modify its details, which will be discussed in the next chapter: Editing a Quote.

^^ Last revised: 2022.09.15

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