Setup Guide

Link2Shrink is as easy as 1-2-3 and requires zero configuration!

Firstly, copy a link that you want to shorten from any website.

Then open Link2Shrink and click the [New] button. Paste the link into the Destination URL field, and click [Shrink] button.

A shrunken URL may look like when auto-generated, however if you want, you can also select a preferred domain, and input a custom alias. Using a custom alias is a good way to make an easy to remember short link. It should contain 8 or more alphanumeric characters only with no spaces, however it can contain dashes and underscores.

3. Share It

Voila! A short link is now generated, click [Copy] button besides the short URL to copy it into your device's clipboard.

Please consult the Help menu anytime to bring up contextual help article for the page you are on. We hope you enjoy using Link2Shrink.

^^ Last revised: 2023.01.25

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