Setting Up Act! Connection

Since all of Linktivity services interacts directly to Act!, you will need to setup a connection to your Act! database through Act! Web API before you can use any of the Linktivity services.

To configure your Linktivity account connection to your Act! database, please go to Act! Web API Settings from the main menu.

Act! Web API Settings

Web API Type
Here you could choose to connect using either Act! Web API which comes with Act! Premium, or through K-API, an API technology made by Keystroke which allows faster connection between Linktivity and Act!

Provide an URL to your Act! Web API or K-API instance.

Act! Database Name
Your Act! database name to connect to.

Act! Username
Username used to connect to Act!

Act! Password
Password for the aformentioned username. If you have any saved credentials, the saved password will not be displayed here for security reasons. To input your password, please click the [Modify] button to enable the password field.

On the bottom toolbar you could click [Test Connection] button to check if the credentials you inputted are working. Don't forget to click [Save Changes] after a successful testing to store your newly inputted credentials.

Troubleshooting Act! Web API Connection

You could use the [Server Status] button to check the status of your Act! Web API service, and whether Linktivity is able to reach the server at the provided URL. An unreachable message indicates that your Act! Web API service might not be running, or there is a network issue between Linktivity server and your Act! Web API server.

If you made changes to your user credentials, access permissions, or Act! database schema (for example, adding or removing fields), you will need to reset any existing Act! Web API connection from Linktivity to ensure that any cached settings are cleared. You can do so by clicking [Reset Session] button.

Using Existing Linktivity Account with Another Act! Database

As Linktivity interacts directly with your Act! database, it is not recommended to alter the Act! Web API connection to a different Act! database once you have begun using any of the Linktivity service, as this may break the link
between existing Forms, Events, etc to the Act! database.

If you choose to work with another database, please go through the following non-exhaustive pages to review that all the settings are up to date, and re-save them so the linkage to the new database is made.

You may also need to edit and review each Forms, Events, etc which you have previously created. While it might be possible to reuse them, we recommend recreating new ones instead.

^^ Last revised: 2023.03.22

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