Managing Subscriptions

Linktivity is a set of tools which can be used by individuals and by teams. To ensure that teams can benefit from their subscriptions even if the composition of a team changes, team leaders are able to revoke and/or reassign their inventory to ensure full benefit.

To manage your subscriptions, click [Manage Subscriptions] icon in the top right corner. (Alternatively you can click the hamburger icon in the top left corner which will expand left-hand navigation. You can than scroll down to select 'Manage Subscriptions' in the left navigation.) In My Inventory tab you will be able to see your available purchases, and assign or reassign them to workspaces as needed. For subscriptions where you initially subscribed to a lower tier of a product you can use [Upgrade Tier] icon to upgrade to higher level.

Subscriptions can be upgraded from lower tier to higher tier but there is no path to downgrade. If a workplace has multiple seats of a particular product, they need to be upgraded together as the lower tier subscriptions become inactive.

In the Purchase tab, you will be able to make additional subscription purchases.

Use Redeem tab to take advantage of vouchers.

Please refer to Adding Users to Workspace for information about inviting your team members, assigning subscriptions, and deciding on roles and permissions.

^^ Last revised: 2024.06.13

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