Control Panel

The first screen which you see whenever you access Link2Mail is the Control Panel. In this page you are able to see your account status, list of recording configurations, as well as access token and utility installer downloads.

Please note that in case of organization account, this page can only be accessed by administrator, even if a member is granted an access through the organization settings.

Access Token

On the sidebar under Access Token section, you can generate an access token or replace an existing one. An access token is used by the windows utility program to connect to Linktivity server and obtain configuration data for your account.

When a token is used by the program, it is tied in to the machine where the utility program is installed and may not be used in any other machine. If you would like to reinstall the program on a different machine, you will need to generate a new key by clicking Reset Token button.

Resetting access token will invalidate connection to the previous machine and you will be able to use the new token on a new installation. You can also use the reset button to revoke access of the program to your account.

Getting Started

This section contains a download button that you can click to obtain the utility program that you install on a Windows server.


This section provides brief information regarding the status of your Link2Mail account.

Email Recording Configurations

On the main panel you can see a list of recording configurations as well as some action buttons on the toolbar.

Add a new email recording configuration.

Act! Web API
Link to your account's Act! Web API configuration.

Go to Link2Mail settings page.

Access this help page.

The list below consists of several columns.

Act! Username
Act! username which Link2Mail will connect as when recording emails.

Email account which Link2Mail will scan for incoming/outgoing emails on.

Whether Link2Mail will record incoming emails sent to this email account.

Whether Link2Mail will record outgoing emails sent by this email account.

Details to record: S (subject), B (body), A (attachment)

If email account is authenticated with OAuth method, this shows the authentication status as OAuth may require re-authentication occassionally.

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