Adding Users to Workspace

How to Add Users to Workspace

To add users to your organization account, first go to the hamburger icon in the top left corner. This will display expanded navigation on the left. You can then go to General SettingsWorkspace Settings and select Team and Permissions tab. (Alternatively to can scroll down to select 'Workspaces' in left navigation, and then go to Team and Permissions tab.)

Under Add User section on the bottom of the page, input Email Address of the person you'd like to add, select a Role, then click [Send Invitation].

An invitation will be sent to the email address you provided with a unique invitation link. The invited person will have to open the link in order to accept invitation and their membership will activate. If they don't have an account yet, the invitation link will also allow them to create one while confirming the invitation.

For every added member, you will need to assign access permission. For example, to give user access to Link2Quotes, first click [Modify Access] button on top right corner of the Workspace Users section, and enable access to Link2Quotes for the user. Click [Save Changes] to save the settings.

You will need to have an equivalent number of active subscriptions or more in order to give user access to the product. You can purchase more seats by going to Manage Subscriptions → Purchase from the main menu.

^^ Last revised: 2024.06.25

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